EU launches pilot projects to control irregular migration from Turkey

EU launches pilot projects to control irregular migration from Turkey
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The projects aim to prevent refugees from crossing the border from Turkey through advanced technical measures, increase border security, speed up asylum procedures and returns

In an effort to control irregular migration from Turkey to the European Union, the EU has launched two pilot projects in Bulgaria and Romania, Deutsche Welle Turkish reported. The projects come as irregular migration to the EU is on the rise again.

The aim of the projects is to prevent refugee crossings from Turkey using advanced technological measures, to enhance border security, to accelerate asylum procedures, and to speed up returns.

The project also aims to accelerate asylum procedures and ensure effective returns, DW Turkish said.

On Monday, the project in Bulgaria was launched to better protect the Turkish border using cameras, observation towers, and vehicles. The project in Romania focuses on the return of refugees, border management, and international cooperation.

A statement released by the EU Commission stressed that advanced surveillance measures are crucial for the Turkey-Bulgaria border.

In addition to the EU Commission, the EU border protection agency Frontex, the EU Asylum Office, and the police organization Europol are providing operational, technical, and financial support to the project. According to the statement from the EU Commission, Romania is strategically located adjacent to Serbia, Moldova, and Ukraine, and plays a key role in protecting common external borders.

The two projects were approved at the EU Leaders Summit held on February 9 in line with recommendations made by the EU Commission on January 26.