Fresh protest wave in Syria

Fresh protest wave in Syria
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The call for a democratic Syria intensifies as demonstrations enter the third month.

Karama Square in the city of Suweida played host to a significant demonstration on Monday, with dozens of participants rallying for the removal of the Assad regime. The peaceful protest is part of a broader movement within the governorate, uniting Syrians in a common cause.

As reported by Baladi News and Syria Observer, protesters converged on Suweida's square to join the demonstration, passionately chanting for the regime's downfall and the unity of the Syrian people.

The demonstrators, assembled in Karama Square, show no signs of slowing down in their peaceful campaign against the regime. This movement has now entered its third consecutive month. The Baladi News correspondent noted a multitude of banners carried by the protesters, brandishing messages such as, "Schools are sources of knowledge, not tools for the Baath – betrayal is an inheritance, just as dignity is – futile efforts to extinguish a revolutionary spirit – citizenship stands as a political principle that encompasses the rights and responsibilities of every citizen, to be practiced under the law."

The peaceful popular movement in Suweida continues to gain momentum, with an increasing number of participants demanding the removal of the regime, the trial of Bashar al-Assad, and the implementation of UN Resolution 2254. This resolution stipulates a peaceful transition of power through democratic elections supervised by the United Nations.