German-Kurdish politician receives death threats after criticizing Erdogan

German-Kurdish politician receives death threats after criticizing Erdogan
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Politician Ezgi Guyildar from Die Linke party of Germany said that a Turkish right-wing extremist began threatening her on social media after she criticized Turkish President Erdogan.

A Kurdish politician who immigrated years ago to Germany has been threatened with death on social media after she began criticizing Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, German news website Der Westen reported

"I'm used to getting threats for years, but I've been receiving death threats since the beginning of January. A user sends me photos of the bodies of Kurdish women, as well as pictures of rapes,” said Ezgi Guyildar, a 35 year old politician from German city of Essen, adding that the threatening person who is believed to be a Turkish right-wing extremist sent the politician several locations where he was at the main train station or in a hotel in the same city.

The left-wing politician from German party Die Linke continued: "He even went to a restaurant in Greece where I was on vacation. This is what unsettles me. And I don't really let myself be unsettled that easily."

Güyildar said she was also stunned by the inaction of the German security authorities: "I was told that investigations are ongoing and that I should just be more careful now. How long am I supposed to endure this? Do I have to end my political engagement first to have peace and quiet?”

"The 'grey wolves' must be banned in Germany. Its members are Turkish right-wing extremists who would like to oppress and disenfranchise every other ethnic group and religion in Turkey,” she said.