Germany advocates for renewed negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Germany advocates for renewed negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan
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German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock calls for peaceful resolution of territorial disputes and pledges continued mediation.

In the aftermath of high-level talks in Yerevan, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock underscored Germany's commitment to fostering a stable and secure relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan. As reported by Armenpress, addressing the press, Baerbock highlighted the nation's role in seeking diplomatic solutions to long-standing territorial disputes that have fuelled tensions in the region.

"Germany stands firm in its defense of the territorial integrity of both Armenia and Azerbaijan, which forms the cornerstone of our peace negotiation efforts," Baerbock stated. She acknowledged the complexities surrounding delineating boundaries, noting the challenges in deciding upon the maps for this purpose. Baerbock described resolving these disputes as a substantial challenge that both nations must address collaboratively.

For years, the European Union, with Germany as a pivotal player, has facilitated discussions between the two countries, aiming to bridge the gap and establish a lasting peace. The German Foreign Minister expressed confidence in the initiatives led by Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, to build a pathway toward reconciliation.

The call for a new phase of negotiations is driven by the need to ensure regional stability and a reliable peace process. "It is through the EU mission that we offer tangible support to Armenia, not only by being present but also by engaging with the people directly to foster a secure environment," said Baerbock.

The German diplomat emphasized the intention to reinforce the activities of the EU mission in the region and advocate within the EU to expand these efforts, underscoring Germany's dedication to international peacekeeping and regional stability.