Greece faces health threats in wake of Daniel Storm

Greece faces health threats in wake of Daniel Storm
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Surge in infections and diseases reported in storm-hit regions.

Following the havoc wreaked by the Daniel Storm, Greece is now contending with an unfolding health emergency. During a recent update from the Coordinating Operations Center in Larissa, Deputy Minister of Health Irini Agapidaki shared alarming health data from the storm-impacted areas, the Greek public broadcaster ERT reported.

Today's figures highlight a concerning uptick in health issues. Gastroenteritis cases rose by 51, totaling 181, while respiratory infections increased by 62, reaching an overall count of 187. The number of hospital admissions is also climbing, with 12 patients being treated for gastroenteritis and 15 for respiratory conditions. This tally includes recent entries from the Magnesia Regional Unit and Karditsa.

According to the Greek media, confirmed causative agents for these ailments encompass salmonella, enteropathogenic E.coli, rotavirus, and clostridium. Yet, Agapidaki sought to offer some reassurance, emphasizing that the health status of the hospitalized individuals isn't critically alarming, and there haven't been any concentrated outbreaks in specific areas.

The ministry plans to distribute 25,000 pairs of galoshes and protective suits to the public to combat the potential spread of infections due to stagnant water. Agapidaki urged residents to exercise caution, suggesting they wait for the protective gear's rapid distribution in two days before venturing out to inspect their properties.

On water quality, she mentioned that the 40 samples collected mirrored the findings of previous tests. She added that municipalities will keep citizens informed about water suitability and quality moving forward.