Greece faces nature's fury again as storm Elias unleashes torrential rains

Greece faces nature's fury again as storm Elias unleashes torrential rains
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The fire brigade and Civil Protection Ministry monitor and reinforce units in hard-hit areas.

In Greece, Attica and its surrounding regions were awakened by the wrath of Storm Elias in the early hours of Wednesday, a tempest marked by torrential rains, intense lightning, and thunderstorms. While the storm's fury is undeniable, Fire Brigade spokesperson Vassilis Vathrakoyannis assured the public in a statement to state broadcaster ERT that no severe issues had been recorded in Thessaly. The storm, however, displayed its formidable power in Fokida, Evia, and Evritania.

In the Peloponnese, the storm painted a different picture, where scattered showers graced the region, and mountainous areas of Corinth experienced the heaviest downpour. In contrast, eastern parts of Achaia and the Ionian island encountered milder rainfall.

"In Attica, the rainfall, intense as it is, hasn't posed significant challenges. We are meticulously tracking the storm's progression to address arising issues promptly. A note of caution, however, remains paramount throughout the day," remarked Vathrakoyannis.

As Storm Elias vented its fury, special rescue units from Thessaly and Central Greece hurriedly converged on north Evia, a region bearing the brunt of the storm's severe weather conditions. The reinforcement is a timely intervention to bolster the fire brigade's efforts.

Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias is also in north Evia. Under his watchful eye, the fire brigade is actively engaged in relocating individuals from inundated areas and homes to safer grounds and managing floodwaters.

The preparedness and swift response of the Fire Brigade and the involvement of Minister Kikilias underline the government's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of residents amidst the storm's onslaught. As the country grapples with the impacts of Storm Elias, the collaborative efforts of emergency services, local authorities, and the central government will be pivotal in navigating the challenges posed by this natural calamity.

A few weeks ago, Greece faced another major storm that left behind deaths and immeasurable damage in many parts of the country.