Greece grapples with the aftermath of new mega-storm Elias

Greece grapples with the aftermath of new mega-storm Elias
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Widespread power outages, flooding, and a helicopter crash crisis amid severe weather conditions.

Central Greece, especially the city of Volos, is reeling from the devastating effects of mega-storm Elias. Just weeks after storm Daniel devastated the same region, torrential rains have once again caused widespread flooding and power outages. Emergency crews are working tirelessly to restore essential services and ensure the safety of citizens.

As reported by the Kathimerini, authorities sent an SMS alert via the 112 emergency number, informing residents of a police-imposed traffic ban in Volos due to severe weather conditions. Emergency services, including the EMAK fire brigade, have been working overnight to rescue hundreds of residents trapped in flooded homes and businesses. Torrents of water have swept away cars and left roads covered in vast amounts of mud.

The heart of the crisis is in the center of Volos and its ring road, where flooding has submerged streets and made the roads to Alykes and Agria inaccessible. The Krafsidonas stream, known to overflow during heavy rains, has done so again, exacerbating the flooding.

As citizens grapple with the aftermath, a helicopter crash off the northern coast of Evia adds another layer to the ongoing crisis. Kathimerini reported that search and rescue operations are underway in the storm-ravaged area to locate the passengers of the crashed Agusta A109 helicopter.

According to the Athens-Macedonia News Agency, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his government's solidarity with Volos and Northern Evia residents at this difficult time. Despite the challenges, he reiterated the government's commitment to its second-term program, highlighting achievements such as the passage of seven laws and progress in controlling inflation.

Mitsotakis stressed the importance of Greece's improved economic capacity, especially in the face of natural disasters. He outlined projects in Evros financed by the Recovery Fund, underlining the government's determination to modernize and tackle long-standing problems such as tax evasion.

The confluence of the mega-storm and its aftermath underscores the urgent need for comprehensive disaster management and climate adaptation strategies in Greece as the country and its citizens strive to emerge resilient from the clutches of yet another natural disaster.

*Photo: Kathimerini