International survey: Nearly half of the public in Turkey says "democracy is in danger"

International survey: Nearly half of the public in Turkey says "democracy is in danger"
Update: 30 September 2022 23:54
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Transatlantic Trends 2022 has showed that Turkey is perceived as the "less reliable country" by others, while Turkey was ranked second in positive sentiment about global Russian influence.

According to the results of an international survey conducted in 14 countries including Turkey, 74% of the attendants in Turkey expressed a negative perception regarding the "state of democracy" in their country.

Asked how they perceive the state of democracy in their country, an average of 9% of attendants in all 14 countries said, "excellent," while 41% said "somewhat good," 25% said "somewhat bad" and 20% said "in danger."

The rates in Turkey were, respectively, 5%, 16%, 28% and 46%. The rate of negative perception was significantly lower, 63% only a year before.

The Transatlantic Trends 2022 showed an almost even divide among the attendants in the US and UK who believed that their country "should only cooperate with democracies in addressing global challenges," and those who said "it does not matter."

Turkey: Immigration and terrorism top security challenges

Attendants in Turkey perceived immigration and terrorism as the "most important security challenges," respectively by 37% and 16%, which made them by far the most concerned on these two issues. Only 3%, the least among 14 countries, said Russia is the most important security challenge, while concerns about climate change (8%) or war between countries (15%) were much lower than the average rates for 14 countries.

Turkey: Majority in favor of managing relations with Russia and China independently

In "managing relations" with Russia and China, the supporters of an independent approach, rather than working with the US, EU or NATO, peaked in Turkey with 56%, while Romania followed with 25% supporting independence in relations with Russia, and 27% with China.

26% of the attendants in Turkey said that NATO is not very important, or not important at all. This rate was twice the average of all countries.

Asked about the sentiment about Russiaʼs Influence in global affairs, Turkey was ranked second, after Romania, in positive sentiment about global Russian influence. 23% said they were either "very positive" or "generally positive" about it.

Turkey: Less reliable country

The attendants in 14 countries selected Sweden as "the most reliable country," as Germany was ranked second, and Canada third. Turkey was ranked the least reliable country with an average of 27%.

Most of the attendants in Turkey did not have a positive opinion about the reliability of other countries either. No country was found reliable by over 43 percent, which was the percentage of attendants who thought Germany is the most reliable country.