Iran initiates action against Kurdish Groups in Iraqi Kurdistan region

Iran initiates action against Kurdish Groups in Iraqi Kurdistan region
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Elimination of bases begins as the deadline set by Iran approaches.

Late Wednesday evening, Iranian news outlets reported that Iran had commenced the "elimination of bases" housing anti-Iranian factions in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. This development arises as the Iranian-set deadline of September 19 draws near.

The Tasnim News Agency revealed that the bases of multiple groups within the Iraqi Kurdistan Region started being disassembled earlier today. The agency claims that these bases, which are associated with various Kurdish groups, including the Komalah, Kurdistan Freedom Party (PAK), Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), situated along the shared boundary with Iran and in neighboring areas of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, are set for dismantling.

It's reported that these groups will be relocated to a more centralized base within the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. A source from the news agency stated that these "separatist groups" would be thoroughly disarmed. The source added, "If the terrorist bases are not appropriately dismantled or if some refuse relocation, Iran will revert to the state preceding the agreement with KGR and take necessary measures to protect its national security."

In a statement made in July, Iran's top military official warned the Iraqi administration of impending Iranian military attacks if they failed to address the hostile armed groups in its northern territories by the September deadline. Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, commented on the presence of "armed secessionist groups" in northern Iraq, which he said posed threats along Iran's borders.

In 2022, the IRGC executed multiple military strikes against separatist groups' positions in Iraq's Kurdistan Region. The initial wave of attacks was launched on September 24, following events that allegedly aimed to stir up disturbances in the border cities west of Iran.