Iran proposes Persian Gulf Naval Alliance

Iran proposes Persian Gulf Naval Alliance
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Teheran proposed that the eight coastal nations of the Persian Gulf unite to form a naval alliance.

The Navy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri, proposed on Sunday that the eight coastal nations of the Persian Gulf unite to form a naval alliance. He emphasized that such collaboration would ensure regional stability without the interference of external forces, as the Tasnim News Agency reported.

While appearing on a televised program, Tangsiri pointed out that the Persian Gulf countries can secure their region. This can be achieved through combined efforts under the banner of an 8-nation alliance.

"An integrated naval alliance will enable our regional populace to live harmoniously," Tangsiri remarked. He took the opportunity to caution neighboring countries about external entities instigating Iranophobia to legitimize their unwarranted presence there.

Highlighting the ulterior motives of foreign military forces, the commander stated that they primarily aim to capitalize on arms sales and exploit the region's vast oil reserves.

Earlier in June, another top official, Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, announced potential plans for a new naval coalition. This partnership, set to encompass a few regional nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia, would concentrate its operations in the northern expanses of the Indian Ocean.

Adding to these developments, it was confirmed that the UAE had opted out of a US-led naval coalition in the Persian Gulf. Irani reinforced the importance of regional solidarity: "Today, the regional countries are recognizing that genuine security can only be established through synergy and cooperation."