Iranian deputies call for "divine retribution" as protesters face capital punishment

Iranian deputies call for "divine retribution" as protesters face capital punishment
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227 members of the Iranian parliament have urged authorities to "issue divine judgement" on alleged criminal elements in the context of Mahsa Amini protests.

Over 300 people, including at least 41 children, have been killed during protests in Iran following young Kurdish woman Mahsa (Zhina) Amini's death in police custody on 16 September, Iran Wire said on Sunday citing Iran Human Rights.

The highest number of deaths have been reported in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Mazandaran, Tehran, Gilan and Kurdistan, the human rights group noted, warning that many people arrested during the demonstrations face may capital punishment.

It said:

"According to official reports, dozens of protesters have been charged with the security-related charges of moharebeh [enmity against God] and fesad-fil-arz [corruption on earth] which is punishable by death penalty. The Islamic Republic’s history and current evidence indicate that they intend to use the death penalty as a tool of political repression to intimidate their opposition."

227 members of the Iranian parliament called on Sunday in a joint statement for the punishment of protesters.

Saying that in the course of the demonstrations the US and "other enemies" organized, financially supported and instigated the protesters and "supplied them with both firearms and other weapons," the deputies claimed that "thugs" organized by such external forces were responsible for the deaths during protests. 

They said:

"They have taken over the command of the riots, in disregard of some young people who were under the influence of emotional propaganda, and have made some thugs kill these people and the security forces, which has led to lack of security and to the martyrdom of dozens of dear people of Islamic Iran."

Comparing alleged criminal elements with members of the Islamic State (ISIS), the deputies asked for "retribution," urging the officials including the judiciary "to deal as soon as possible" with such elements, "to issue divine judgement" upon those "in every dress, class and order."

They continued saying that "Divine retribution should be carried out to prove to everyone that the life, property, security and honor of our beloved people are the red line of this system and it will not compromise with anyone in this matter."