Iranian women create animated film for the Green Left Party

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Iranian women created an animated film in support of the Greens and the Left Future Party. The film, created by animators from Iran and Rojhilat, depicts a tree that sprouts with a woman's walk and which transforms into the Green Left Party logo.

Iranian and Rojhilati animation artists showed support for the Green Left Party before the upcoming May 14 elections in Turkey with an animated film. The film was shared on the official campaign account of the Green Left Party and was dedicated to Jina Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Kurdish woman who died in police custody while being detained by morality police.

In the animation prepared for the Green Left Party, a woman born from a leaf that sprouts on a dried tree walks with a purple flag in her hand. All the branches she touches and passes by turn green. Meanwhile, a group of women chant "Jin jiyan azadî" and participate in folk dances.

During the animation, the woman with the purple flag confronts the regime's forces with anger and walks towards them. She jumps over them, symbolically overthrowing the regime, and at that moment, the fully grown tree turns into the logo of the Green Left Party. The animation ends with the message "Em rêhavalê Jîna Amînî ne" (“We are the comrades of Jîna Amînî”).