Iraqi Foreign Ministry: Evidence shows Turkey was behind Zakho attack

Iraqi Foreign Ministry: Evidence shows Turkey was behind Zakho attack
Update: 23 July 2022 13:22
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Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Sahaf said they had evidence showing Turkey committed the Zaho attack which killed nine and injured many others on Wednesday

Evidence shows Turkey perpetrated Wednesday's attack on a summer resort in Zakho, killing nine including two children, an Iraqi Foreign Ministry official said, adding that Iraq would respond to the attack accordingly, Rudaw reported.

On Friday, an anonymous Iraqi official said that 155 mm artillery shells have been collected from the scene, and said “no armed faction operating inside Iraq had this kind of cannon, but it is an essential part of the armament of the Turkish army.” 

"They can not parry after such an aggression. We will give the necessary answer. Turkish forces have no business in Iraqi soil," said Ahmed Sahaf, Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman, in a televised interview with Rudaw TV. 

Sahaf said that Iraqi diplomacy has gathered all its capacity and has received support from many states.

“We requested an emergency meeting from the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) against Turkey's attacks… We will present the facts about Turkey's recent attacks to the UNSC. Iraq will not remain silent in the face of this aggression,” he said.

Turkey launched a new offensive in northern Iraq, the latest of a series of cross-border operations started three years ago to combat the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) who are based in the mountainous regions.