Israel targets Hezbollah and Syrian forces in Homs

Israel targets Hezbollah and Syrian forces in Homs
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Reports confirm seven Hezbollah militants and four Syrian soldiers were killed.

In a significant escalation of tensions in the region, Israeli airstrikes have resulted in the deaths of seven militants from the Lebanese group Hezbollah and four Syrian soldiers in the eastern countryside of Homs, central Syria. The strikes, which occurred on Friday, targeted military positions associated with the Syrian government and Hezbollah forces, as reported by North Press.

A government source, who requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the information, relayed to North Press on Saturday the details of the attacks. The source indicated that the Israeli military aimed explicitly at these military outposts, leading to the reported casualties among Syrian and Hezbollah ranks.

Pro-government media outlets have reported that the Syrian air defenses were activated in response to the Israeli offensive. They claim that several incoming rockets were intercepted and destroyed before reaching their intended targets. Despite these efforts, the strikes reportedly resulted in material damage and, according to these sources, the death of one Syrian soldier—a lower number than other reports have indicated.

The Israeli military has confirmed their involvement in the strikes in Syria, stating that the operation was a response to a drone strike aimed at the southern city of Eilat in Israel, which they believe originated from Syrian territory. This cross-border incident marks a severe spike in hostilities, highlighting the ongoing volatility in the region and the potential for further military engagements.