Israeli airstrikes: Death toll rises to 32, including six children, in Gaza

Israeli airstrikes: Death toll rises to 32, including six children, in Gaza
Update: 07 August 2022 21:15
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32 people, including six children and two senior PIJ commanders, have been reportedly killed in Israel's latest attacks targeting Gaza city

The death toll in Israeli airstrikes in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza rose to 32, including six children, the Palestinian health Ministry said on Sunday. More than 215 were injured in the attacks.

The United States State Department said on Saturday that it fully supported Israel's right to defend itself and urged sides to avoid further escalation, even as Israeli fighters jets continued to pound Gaza city.

Israeli military launched its attacks on Friday in its latest operation, dubbed "Breaking Dawn", and has announced that the operation could last for a week.

While Israeli authorities allege that members and commanders of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) are targeted by attacks, buildings like the 14-story high rise Palestine Tower has been hit in the process, with no indication of any concern for civilian casualties.

Two senior PIJ commanders, Tayseer Jabari and Khaled Mansour, were killed by seperate waves of Israeli attacks on Friday and Saturday.

In response to Israeli attacks, Palestinian fighters fired rockets toward Israel, triggering air raid sirens in Jerusalem.

Egyptian mediation for ceasefire

While there are reports that a ceasefire to end the recent Israeli attacks and the ensuing Palestinian response through Egyptian mediation is on the agenda, and an Egyptian delegation has requested a ceasefire starting from 8 PM local time on Sunday, it is uncertain how such a ceasefire will be enforced despite Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid's clear remark on Sunday that "this operation will continue as long as necessary."