Kurdish journalist extradited by Greece, arrested in Turkey

Kurdish journalist extradited by Greece, arrested in Turkey
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Murat Verim, convicted in 2016 over a headline reading "To free identity with self government," has been detained and incarcerated upon his arrival in Turkey.

A Kurdish journalist who had been convicted on "terror" charges by a Turkish court in May 2016 was handed over to Turkey by Greek authorities.

Murat Verim, a reporter for Dicle News Agency (DIHA) at the time of his prosecution, had faced "terror" charges in court over a press release he contributed to while he was working in the public relations department of the municipal administration of Turkey's Kurdish-majority district of Dargecit.

Verim was accused of "committing an offense on behalf of a terrorist group" because of the press release's title that read, "To free identity with self government."

The court had found him guilty and sentenced him to a prison term of six years.

Verim was arrested twice in the course of the lawsuit, first in January 2016, then in March the same year, only to be released after some time in custody.

After being extradited by Greece he was arrested upon his arrival in Turkey and incarcerated in Edirne prison, Mezopotamya News Agency said.