Kurdish refugees rescued after drifting several days in Ionian Sea

Kurdish refugees rescued after drifting several days in Ionian Sea
Update: 27 August 2022 16:03
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Kurdish political refugees who set sail for Italy were rescued in the Ionian Sea after they drifted for two days without access to water or food

Dozens of Kurdish refugees trapped in a boat in the Ionian sea for days without water or food were finally rescued by a cargo ship and they are on their way for landing in Greece, K24 reported

Most of the 83 refugees, including political asylum seekers and their families set off from the Iranian city of Serdesht with Italy as their final destination but started drifting in the Ionian Sea two days ago when their boat stopped working. 

A relative of the refugees told +GercekNews on Friday that his cousin who was sentenced to 98 years of prison in Turkey was also on board. The Greek Coast Guard arrived after an alarm call but refused to help the refugees or take them to their ship, he said. 

One refugee said in a video posted on Twitter said: 

“We are currently 83 people on the boat. As you can see, we are all sitting on top of each other. There are about 30 women and 15 children among us.  There are those among us who have a heart condition. We are waiting for the Greek police to take us. No food, no water.”

Refugees said they have informed several Greek authorities but none of them came to their rescue. 

Pistiwan Caf, a journalist talking to K24 said that all refugees, including women and children were now safe after they were taken to the cargo ship. 

K24 said they were afraid to be taken back to Iran or Turkey where they await jail sentences.