Kurdish refugees drifting in a boat in Ionian Sea

Kurdish refugees drifting in a boat in Ionian Sea
Update: 26 August 2022 17:36
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About 85 political refugees mostly from Iran and Iraq are currently waiting to be rescued without access to food or water but the Greek Coast Guard refuses to help

Kurdish refugees have been drifting in a damaged boat on Friday without access to food and water and risk capsizing any moment, a relative of the refugees told +Gercek News.

Kurdish refugees drifting in a boat in Ionian Sea


About 85  political refugees, mostly from Iran and Iraq, headed to Italy seeking political asylum but began dragging in the windy Ionian Sea when their boat stopped working, the relative said, adding that his cousin who was sentenced to 98 years in prison in Turkey was also on board. 

The relative said the refugees had to call the Greek coast guard. A ship arrived, but refused to help them, leaving the refugees sailing aimlessly in the boat. The refugees included women and children who had no access to water or food for the last two days, he said. 

Even though the relative mentioned many NGOs, he could not get an immediate reaction.