Mastermind of “post-modern coup” released from prison with dementia

Mastermind of “post-modern coup” released from prison with dementia
Update: 02 August 2022 21:50
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A Turkish retired general who was sentenced for masterminding a coup was released after he was diagnosed with dementia

Cevik Bir, the second chair of the Chief of Staff at the time, was sentenced to life in prison for overthrowing the government in a coup dubbed “28 February” in 1997 along with 20 other military commanders. 

The Turkish military leadership at a National Security Council meeting on 28 February 1997 declared memorandum that initiated the process that precipitated the resignation of the government. 

The event was also labeled a "postmodern coup” since the parliament was not dissolved.

The 83 year old convict could not survive alone in a penitentiary, said a report from the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK).

After the report, the court decided to postpone Bir’s correction for one year. 

Meanwhile, another court continues to keep a former Kurdish MP with severe dementia behind bars. 

Although Aysel Tugluk, former MP for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) was also diagnosed with "chronic and progressive dementia" in 2021, and the report concluded that she was not fit to stay in prison, a recent ATK report said that Tugluk has been diagnosed with "mild cognitive impairment" and has "full criminal liability."