Murder suspect of prominent academic caught in Bulgaria

Murder suspect of prominent academic caught in Bulgaria
Update: 02 September 2022 13:28
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Former special ops commander Levent Goktas has been accused for the murder of Ankara University faculty member, Necip Hablemitoglu

A fugitive retired colonel who was accused of being involved in the murder of an academician was captured in Bulgaria on Thursday, after Interpol issued a red arrest warrant for him, Turkish state television TRT Haber reported

Authorities started the proceedings for his extradition to Turkey, TRT said. 

The arrest came weeks after a social media account reportedly belonging to Levent Goktas posted some controversial messages saying he was used and thrown away but would take revenge by publishing documents “that would be nightmare for people who did not support him during his difficult times.”

Goktas’s lawyer later said the account was not genuine.

On January 27 last year, operatives from Turkish intelligence captured Nuri Gokhan Bozkir, another suspect for the murder of Hablemitoglu and brought him to Turkey.

Necip Hablemitoglu, a Turkish historian and intellectual who wrote about the islamist Gulen movement, was assassinated in front of his home in 2002. After twenty years, his murder remains unresolved.