Syrian Kurdish leader decries Russia’s silence against Turkey’s attacks

Syrian Kurdish leader decries Russia’s silence against Turkey’s attacks
Update: 27 August 2022 14:51
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PYD Co-chair Salih Muslim said that Russian forces failed to condemn Turkish drone strikes, some of which took place in the towns where they dominate

A Kurdish leader on Friday criticized Russia for failing to condemn Turkey’s attacks against Kurdish forces and civilians in northern Syria, Rudaw reported

Speaking to the Arabic service of Russia Today, the co-chair of northeast Syria’s ruling Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim said Russian troops and officials in the region kept silence even when they witnessed the attacks. 

“When Tal Rifaat was bombarded, weren't the Russian forces there? Yes. Did they not see what happened? They [Russians] did not defend them,” said Muslim, reminding that Americans condemned the attack even though they were not present in the city.

A suspected Turkish drone on Wednesday killed at least three civilians and injured nine others, including children and women, in the city. 

“At least the Americans say that they are sorry for the bombardments and they express their condemnation. However, the Russians did not even publish a statement. Neither the Russian army nor Russian leaders have condemned the attacks on the civilians although they [attacks] take place in front of their eyes because they are present there,” Muslim said. 

Russia publicly denounced a ground offensive by Turkey to the region, but it turns a blind eye to Turkey’s airstrikes by drones, Muslim said.

Russia and Turkey have been conducting joint patrols on the Syria-Turkey border since 2019 following a deal between them.