Orthodox Jewish Community under investigation in Northern Cyprus

Orthodox Jewish Community under investigation in Northern Cyprus
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Turkish Cypriot authorities launch probe into potential land ownership schemes involving Israeli nationals.

The Chabad Orthodox Jewish community, with operations spanning all over Cyprus, has attracted attention in the unrecognized TRNC over allegations of engaging in real estate transactions that may have improperly facilitated land ownership for Israeli citizens.

The Bugun Kibris reports that hundreds of companies connected to Chabad have been established or acquired as part of these dealings.

The Kyrenia District Governorate has formally taken action, requesting Chabad members present legal documentation authorizing their activities. With several documents missing or not presented, a deadline has been set for Chabad to comply.

To date, searches conducted by the Ministry of Interior, the Kyrenia District Governorate, and the Kyrenia Municipality have not yielded any records of the congregation's operations, prompting the launch of a comprehensive investigation.

In a recent update, the website indicates that the villa in Kyrenia, which was previously marked with a sign reading "North Cyprus Directorate of All Jews," has been sealed off by local authorities.

In a notable past interaction, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hosted Chabad rabbis in Ankara in 2021. The meeting, held at the Presidential Complex (Külliye), lasted two hours, during which President Erdogan addressed the concerns of the Jewish community. He pledged his support for constructing and restoring synagogues within Turkey and the TRNC.

Erdogan's commitment extended to addressing a land request made by Rabbi Chaim Hillel Azimov, the Chabad leader from the northern part of Cyprus. The Turkish President reached out to Ersin Tatar, urging the President of Northern Cyprus to take the necessary steps. Subsequently, Tatar reportedly contacted Hamam Azimov directly, indicating his attention.