Over two tons of cocaine seized in Peru, suspected to be destined for Turkey

Over two tons of cocaine seized in Peru, suspected to be destined for Turkey
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Peruvian authorities have seized more than two tons of cocaine at DP World Port hidden in ceramic tiles, suspected to be destined for Turkey. The seizure is considered a significant blow to drug cartels.

In a recent operation at the DP World Port in Peru, narcotic agents discovered 2,310 kilograms of cocaine hidden in rubber molds disguised among ceramic tiles and according to local sources, the intended destination of the cocaine was Turkey, VOA Turkish reported.

Officials said that the cocaine was carefully hidden between majolica tiles, indicating that the smugglers went to great lengths to conceal the illegal substance. The authorities did not disclose the intended destination of the drug shipment but several media outlets in Peru and Latin America have reported that the cocaine was destined for Turkey.

Officials highlighted the challenging intelligence process involved in uncovering the illegal shipment, describing the seizure of such a significant amount of cocaine as a powerful blow to drug cartels.

Last year, a Turkish national, Cengiz Guner, was apprehended while trying to smuggle 1.5 tons of cocaine disguised in soybean oil from Peru to Turkey. This incident brought attention to Peru's prominence as one of the world's largest cocaine-producing countries, with an annual production rate of approximately 400 tons.

According to the 2023 World Drug Report, Peru produces 26% of the world's coca, which is the primary ingredient in cocaine. While Colombia remains the largest producer of coca, Peru's location and proximity to the Pacific Ocean make it a popular choice for drug smugglers looking to move cocaine out of the country.