President of Cyprus views Turkey’s election as an opportunity

President of Cyprus views Turkey’s election as an opportunity
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Negotiations for the reunification of Cyprus had yielded no results, with the last round collapsing in 2017. As a critical election approaches in Turkey, President Christodoulides hopes that there will be an opportunity for talks to resume.

The National Herald reports that Cyprus’s new president Nikos Christodoulides hopes to take advantage of the presidential election on the horizon in Turkey for the resumption of reunification negotiations. Reunification talks have been ongoing for years, though the last round of negotiations had failed in 2017.

Ersin Tatar, the President of the Turkish Cypriot Administration which demands that the northern third of the island be recognized as the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” outright rejected the idea, according to the National Herald.

In an interview with Euronews, President Christodoulides said, “We have a period until the elections in Turkey, which we should take advantage of, so that dialogue can resume.”

Christodoulides also commented on the outcome for Cyprus in the event that either Erdogan or Kilicdaroglu win the election:

“I certainly do not expect radical changes in Turkish foreign policy. At least this is what the history of Turkish foreign policy shows over time. But the election of a new president, whether it is Mr. Erdogan or the leader of the current opposition still brings a new situation. The important thing is to make use of this period, and that is what we have agreed with the three presidents of the EU institutions, to create the conditions immediately after the elections in Turkey, to resume talks on the basis of the agreed framework. Because, more than anyone else, we want an end to the occupation and the reunification of our homeland.”