Rocket strike targets natural gas field in Iraqi Kurdistan

Rocket strike targets natural gas field in Iraqi Kurdistan
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The Emirati-owned facility continues production unhindered, says official

Days after suffering nine civilian casualties in a shelling that was blamed on the Turkish Armed Forces both by Baghdad and Erbil, the Kurdistan region of Iraq was targeted by a rocket strike this time. Erbil-based news agency Rudaw reported that at least three Katyusha rockets were fired on the Kohr Mor gas field operated by the UAE-based energy company Dana Gas. 

The facility located in the Chamchamal district of Sulaymaniyah was targeted by a series of rocket attacks in June. 

The natural resources deputy minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Ahmed Mufti, said that an investigation into the incident has begun. “The rockets have landed in the vicinity of the field, they have not resulted in any casualties.” He added.

Mufti also emphasized that the attack did not affect the facility's work process and gas production continued as usual.

Dana Gas had to temporarily halt production on one of its projects in the Khor Mor gas field in June following the rocket strike. At least two contractors were injured in that attack.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attacks. But tensions have been on the rise between Erbil and Baghdad due to an oil production dispute. The rocket strikes against facilities in Erbil-run territory are blamed on Iranian-backed militias.

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, said that he was troubled by the attacks on Khor Mor back in June. He announced that further security forces would be deployed in the area.

The Khor Mor field produces 452 million cubic feet of gas per day, according to Dana Gas.