Same remarks from MGK after defense ministers talk on phone

Same remarks from MGK after defense ministers talk on phone
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During the day two meetings in Turkey and Norther Syria have been held in around the same time, one to discuss a possible incursion, the other a possible defense against it.

Turkey's National Security Council (MGK) said on Thursday that "existence and activities of terrorist groups will not be allowed in the region, and every necessary step will be taken decisively to ensure this."

The MGK meeting followed a phone call on Wednesday between Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Turkey's potential military campaign in Northern Syria, and a meeting on Thursday between Akar and Washington's Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey.

Also during the day, Akar told a group of reporters that Austin asked them to reassess the plans for a military campaign.

"They have requested that we make a reassessment," Akar said. "We told about our sensitivities, our angle, our point of view, and we expressed that we wish to see promises kept. We emphasized that they should understand us, I mean the situation."

The written statement after the three-hour MGK meeting, chaired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, did not provide any new insight whether or not Turkish authorities will launch a fresh land offensive in Syria despite objections by both US and Russia.

Around the same time with the MGK meeting in Ankara, the General Assembly of the Autonomous Administration of North and Syria (AANES) convened to discuss latest political developments. Officials said in a statement after the meeting that the autonomous administration is ready to confront Turkey's new wave of incursions.

AANES's executive council deputy chair Emine Ose pointed out that neither international nor local opinions have any significance for Erdogan, that he already announced his intention for Manbij, Tall Rifaat and Kobani to be occupied by Turkish forces, and that Erdogan will do anything to win the coming elections in Turkey.

Ose added that despite statements, there is recently no sign of a notable Turkish military movement along the border.