SDF launches security operation in al Hol camp

SDF launches security operation in al Hol camp
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Kurdish-led forces on Thursday launched a new security operation in Northeastern Syria in a camp packed with former Islamic State (ISIS) members and their families

Internal security forces (Asayish) connected to the Kurdish-led SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) targeted the ISIS cells inside the notorious al-Hol camp in Hasaka province, the SDF announced

The operation was conducted by Asayish and supported by the global coalition, and aimed “to hunt down ISIS terrorist cells in the al-Hol camp, drain the ISIS enabling environment, and save the residents from ISIS terrorism,” the statement by the SDF said. 

According to the statement, ISIS was responsible for 43 attacks in the camp that killed 44 residents including women and children. The camp has also witnessed over a dozen attempts of abduction, arson, and destruction of relief supplies. 

The statement added that ISIS now planned to overrun the facility.

Last week, the UN also warned the international community about the rising violence in Al Hol camp.

Located in Hasaka province, al-Hol is home to 55 thousand ISIS (Islamic State) suspects and their families and is run by the SDF who cleared the islamic militants from the region.

More than 90 percent of the residents in the camp are women and children from 60 countries, mostly from Syria and Iraq. Half of the children are under 12 years old. 

“The lack of a clear international plan to solve this problem, the non-repatriation of foreign nationals by their countries, and the lack of effective and adequate support to our forces and the AANES [Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria] have aggravated the threat of the camp,” the SDF statement said, holding the international community responsible and reiterating previous calls for foreign countries to repatriate their ISIS-linked nationals from the facility.