SDF probes Turkish intelligence in Northern Syria

SDF probes Turkish intelligence in Northern Syria
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In response to the recent Turkish drone attacks, the SDF conducted an operation by raiding a cell suspected of conducting espionage activities for Turkey

The SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) Media center announced that they raided a cell of three men affiliated with the Turkish intelligence, officially known as the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Tel Brak in northeast Syria.

SDF said the operation aimed to be a response to the recent attacks by Turkish drones. On August 6, Turkish drones targeted a vehicle in Qamishli, killing four and injuring two, on August 9, four more were killed in drone strikes in the same area, and on August 10, Turkish drone strikes killed two SDF fighters. All three drone strikes happened in the Qamishli region with a total death toll of 10.

During the raid, a suspect who refused to surrender was killed. Two other suspects were arrested.

SDF said that the cell was conducting espionage operations on Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) employees, military headquarters, sites, and tunnels.

SDF claims that the Turkish intelligence intends to destabilize and create crises in Northern Syria. On July 31, SDF had announced the "Operation Oath" in which 36 people accused of working for the Turkish intelligence were arrested.