Drone downed in Syria by US forces: Report

Drone downed in Syria by US forces: Report
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The drone has been shot down when it reportedly approached a military post of the US-led Global Coalition in Hasakah countryside.

US forces on Sunday shot down in Syria's northeast a drone when it approached the Tel Baydar base where the US-led Global Coalition forces are stationed, Rudaw cited Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) saying.

SOHR said that drones coming from Iraqi territory targeted American troops in Hasakah and at least one explosion was heard near the base.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a network of militia groups affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, claimed responsibiliry for the attack, Rudaw said.

North Press Agency, on the other hand, earlier in the day said that it was a suspected Turkish drone that targeted the Tel Baydar base, that it came from an area under the control of Turkish-backed armed factions, and that it was downed in the countryside of Hasakah,

No comment has yet been made by US officials.

Photo: A drone downed by the US-led Global Coalition forces in Hasakah countryside, northeast Syria (North Press Agency)