Serbian military asserts readiness to enter Kosovo if ordered

Serbian military asserts readiness to enter Kosovo if ordered
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Tensions high in the Balkans; Serbia's defense officials refute claims While affirming stance on tensions.

Serbia's Defense Minister Miloš Vučević and Chief of General Staff Milan Mojsilović addressed recent accusations about the nation's military stance on Kosovo. They asserted readiness to act if ordered while refuting claims of overly aggressive posturing, as the Serbian daily Politika reported.

The officials denied arming individuals in Kosovo or excessive troop levels near the border. General Mojsilović rejected the allegations and said there was no significant combat capability increase, only heightened presence for security.

Mojsilović explained that operational numbers in the 5 km border zone remain normal despite training reserves. He stated this follows logical operations, not invasion plans.

Minister Vučević expressed surprise at international concerns about Serbian troop levels. He affirmed transparency, noting any entry into Kosovo would be professional and disclosed to KFOR per cooperation agreements.

Vučević stressed adhering to UN Resolution 1244 and dialogue to avoid conflict escalation. He reiterated Serbia's commitment to peace, calling military action a last resort only if ordered by the president.

The officials concluded by emphasizing readiness to act decisively while preferring diplomacy and peace to resolve Kosovo tensions.

Belgrade's new messages come after the US commented on Serbia's military readiness along the Kosovo border. Shortly after this statement, international media reported that Serbia had reduced its military presence in the region.

*Photo: Politika