Suspected Turkish drone strike kills four in Northern Syria

Suspected Turkish drone strike kills four in Northern Syria
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The strike targeted a vehicle by the Syrian Democratic Forces in Qamishlo, killing four, including a commander of the group

A suspected Turkish armed drone reportedly killed four people with strike on a vehicle on the road between Amuda and Qamishlo, the Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SOHR) said on Monday.

According the SOHR, the assault targeted a vehicle belonging to the Rojava Security Forces, the internal branch of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and the deceased included a commander of the group, Eymen Coli. An injured individual was rushed to a nearby hospital, fighting for survival.

In an urgent communication, the Rojava Security Forces Media Contact Center made an announcement regarding the incident. According to their account, in addition to the deaths of two members of their forces, eight other individuals were wounded in the airstrike. Civilians who rushed to rescue the wounded from the bombed vehicle were reportedly targeted as well, escalating the crisis.

The official statement from the Rojava Security Forces read: "This afternoon, a vehicle belonging to our forces was targeted with an armed unmanned aerial vehicle on the road between Qamishlo and Amude. As a result of the attack, we lost two friends. Armed unmanned aerial vehicles also targeted citizens trying to rescue the wounded, resulting in eight people getting injured. All details regarding the attack will be disclosed to the public in a statement."