Syrian diaspora proposes abolition of AANES to Turkey

Syrian diaspora proposes abolition of AANES to Turkey
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Organizations founded by members of the Syrian diaspora in the US have proposed to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to eliminate the Autonomous Administration of Northern Syria, which was established after the collapse of ISIS in the region.

Organizations affiliated with the Syrian opposition diaspora in the United States have recently proposed a new roadmap for northern Syria to Turkey, according to Rudaw News.

Global Justice and Arab Democratic Coalition, organizations founded by members of the Syrian diaspora, recently met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu during his visit to Washington and presented him with a proposal consisting of 15 points for the future of northern Syria.

Following the meeting, Global Justice announced that it had personally delivered to Cavusoglu, on behalf of Global Justice and the Arab Democratic Alliance, "a 15-step roadmap for managing the eastern and northeastern regions of Syria"

A copy of this roadmap was also sent to the U.S. State Department's Syria desk in Washington, D.C., and to the Turkish Embassy in Ankara.

The proposal was later published by Yahya Al-Aridi, a former lecturer at Damascus College.

It states that Syrians rely on eastern and northeastern Syria, where there is oil and gas and the region is rich in water and grain production.

For this reason, the report aims to end the rule of AANES (Autonomous Administration of Northeastern Syria), a region that gained its de facto autonomy in 2012 after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) defeated ISIS (Islamic State), the report said.

The report suggested the following steps that should be taken in the region for the "national security of both Turkey and Syria"

- Abolishing AANES, which is under the influence of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party), according to the report

- An agreement between the U.S. and Turkey aimed at ending U.S. support for the SDF.

- Establishment of a new local government of politicians, academics, and tribal leaders recognized and trusted by Turkey.

- Establishing a protective wall in northern and northeastern Syria with areas under Syrian government control to house millions of Syrian refugees in the Turkish and U.S. spheres of influence.

"The project targets the gains of the Kurds"

Chairman of the Modern Kurdistan Movement and the German representative of the Syrian Democratic Council (DSM) Dr. Rizgar Kasım said that this roadmap is the product of a project of "intelligence services," Rudaw reported.

"It is an intelligence project created at a time when the Turkish and Syrian regimes were converging. This rapprochement is due to the failure of the autonomy administration. It aims to eliminate the achievements of the Kurdish people in Rojava. The project talks about building a protective wall. Who will be behind this wall? Arabs and other minorities," he said.