Turkey sends initial batch of military vehicles to Ukraine

Turkey sends initial batch of military vehicles to Ukraine
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Ukraine received 50 mine-resistant BMC-Kirpi vehicles and expects 150 more, Ukrainian media reported.

Turkey transferred a first batch of 50 armored military vehicles to Ukraine, and will send 150 more, Ukrainian media said, and published a video taken by Ukrainian troops showing the brand new vehicles lined up in a military base.

Ukrainian MP Yuriy Mysiahin announced in a Telegram post the arrival of Kirpi (Hedgehog in Turkish) armored vehicles, produced by the private Turkish company BMC, which offers a superior level of protection against mines. 

"The marines of the two brigades are already using 50 vehicles. We are waiting for another 150," he said.

Kirpi can carry a total of 12 military personnel and is equipped with a machine gun, which can be controlled manually and turned 360 degrees.

Turkey has also sold dozens of its Bayraktar drones to Ukraine, which have proven capable of precision strikes against the Russian army and the producer of drones, the Baykar company is currently in the process of building a factory on Ukrainian territory.

Turkey also continues to meditate between the warring parties. Erdogan administration along with the UN recently paved the way for a landmark deal for grain exports from Ukrainian Black Sea ports.