Turkish analyst says Russia systematically steals grain from Ukraine

Turkish analyst says Russia systematically steals grain from Ukraine
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Russia has been systematically stealing grain in occupied Ukraine, a Turkish analyst observing cargo ships passing from the Bosporus in Istanbul said

Russia continues to steal Ukrainian grain and delivers it to its allies, particularly Syria, observers said. 

Yoruk İsik, an Istanbul-based geopolitical analyst at the Bosphorus Observer consultancy published  on Twitter that “Astrakhan based CMC's Russia flag bulker Mikhail Nenashev transited Bosphorus en route to Sevastopol after delivering wheat to #Tartus

İsik said Mikhail Nenashev's owner Crane Marine Contractor LLC was a subsidiary of sanctioned Russian state-owned JSC United Shipbuilding Corp. 

Yoruk İsik, who calls himself “obsessed by ship spotting in the Bosphorus” also tweeted last week that Astrakhan based CMC's Russia flag bulk carrier Matros Pozynich passed from the strait carrying plundered wheat. 

The US also blamed Russia for continuing to steal grain from the occupied ports of Ukraine.

Russia delivers shipments to its allies despite the UN-brokered deal lifting Moscow’s blockade of Ukraine's Black Sea ports, Jim O’Brien from the US State Department said last week. 

Russia's five-month blockade of Ukraine's Black Sea ports has trapped more than 20 million tonnes of grain inside the country.