UN statement on "escalation of hostilities in Northern Syria"

UN statement on "escalation of hostilities in Northern Syria"
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Upon two recently deadly military attack in Northern Syria, UN official have expressed "deep concern" without naming any aggressor force linked to the attacks.

UN officials expressed deep concern about the "continuing escalation of hostilities in Northern Syria" upon attacks, conducted allegedly by the Turkish and Syrian military, that left at least 17 civilians including nine children dead.

The statement read:

"The attack on 18 August in Al-Hasakah claimed the lives of four women and girls and injured 11. On 19 August, the attack on a market in Al-Bab city reportedly killed 13 civilians, including four boys and one girl, and injured a further 38 people, including nine children."

It continued:

"These terrible tragedies once again show that civilians, many of them women and children, continue to suffer the effects of ongoing hostilities in parts of Syria. We urge all parties to take all feasible measures to minimize harm to civilians and abide by their obligations to protect civilians."

The officials added that "the UN is committed to work with all stakeholders towards a peaceful and prosperous Syria, including advocating for a sustainable political solution for all Syrians."