US general visits Kurdish commander in Northern Syria

US general visits Kurdish commander in Northern Syria
Update: 20 July 2022 17:31
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US general Michael Kurilla visited SDF leader Mazloum Abdi in his office and expressed opposition of the US against any possible offensive in Northern Syria by Turkey

At a time when Turkey stepped up efforts to gain international support for a possible military incursion in Northern Syria, a US general visited a Kurdish military leader deemed terrorist by Turkey in his office.

SDF Commander Mazloum Abdi received US General Michael Kurilla, the commander of The U.S. operations in the middle east, and his delegation, SDF Press Center announced.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the military operations and the increased cooperation with the international coalition in the fight against ISIS, underscoring the partnership in counter-terrorism to enhance stability and security in the region, according to SDF Press Center. 

Abdi expressed concerns about the region’s security regarding the Turkish threats, especially the negative impact it will cause on the efforts of fighting ISIS and general Kurilla reiterated the opposition of U.S. government to any Turkish aggression against the north and eastern Syria, SDF said

The two commander also discussed the growing threats posed by al-Hol camp and prisons holding ISIS terrorist detainees and the need to intensify the international and local efforts to contain this case and reduce its risk.