Azerbaijani woman journalist sent to Edirne Repatriation Center

Azerbaijani woman journalist sent to Edirne Repatriation Center
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She was transferred to Edirne, reportedly when she discloded sleeping on blood-stained sheets to the press.

YILDIZ TAR- Sona, an Azerbaijani journalist who had recently been abused by her neighbour, was initially taken to the Silivri Repatriation Centre. Nevertheless, after our article on the subject and after disclosing the blood-stained sheets and the tick infestation in her cell she was moved to Edirne.

According to Sona's lawyer, Yakup Sevinchan, as shared with Artı Gerçek, the pressure intensified after our coverage revealed that Sona had been forced to sleep on unsanitary sheets at the Silivri Selimpaşa Repatriation Center for a week and had suffered from tick bites all over her body.

As a result, Sona's ward was changed, leaving her without a bed for a day. Additionally, she faced insults and verbal abuse from staff members while being denied the opportunity to contact her lawyer and provide information.

Furthermore, Lawyer Sevinchan's request for Sona Y.'s release from the Selimpaşa Removal Center was rejected by the Istanbul 2nd Criminal Judgeship of Peace.

Last week, GLP (Green Left Party) Istanbul MP Çiçek Otlu raised Sona's experiences in the Turkish Grand National Assembly through a parliamentary question.

However, the request made by EMEP (Labor Party) Deputy Chairperson and Istanbul MP, İskender Bayhan, along with the party delegation, to meet with Sona at the Silivri Repatriation Center was denied. Shortly after this request for visit was denied, Sona was deported to Edirne.


Sona Y. is an Azerbaijani journalist who has resided in Turkey for six years with her son. They live in Kadıköy, Istanbul, where her son attends high school and where she continues her work as a freelance journalist.

The incident began in early June when Sona's upstairs neighbor, M.Ö., asked her to fix a broken lamp outside her apartment. However, Sona was unable to afford the repairs.

A week later, on June 23, neighbor M.Ö. knocked on Sona's door again. When Sona explained her financial situation, M.Ö. threatened to inform the landlord. Sona responded by saying, "Okay, you can call." In return, M.Ö. made alarming statements, saying, "I will show you what will happen to you," and he attacked Sona by choking her. M.Ö. also emphasized his Turkish nationality, stating, "You cannot speak to a Turk like that. Now you will see the power of the Turkish men."

Sona managed to escape the apartment, but M.Ö. pursued her and violently grabbed her hair, dragging her along the ground.

Both parties filed complaints against each other. M.Ö. claimed that Sona's words, "This is fascism," constituted an insult against him. While the police released M.Ö. after taking his statement, Sona, who is not a Turkish citizen, was sent to a deportation center due to issues with her residence permit.

Upon Sona's statement at the police station revealing that her residence permit had not been renewed, she was transferred to the Silivri Selimpaşa Removal Center. Within 48 hours, the Directorate of Migration Management issued deportation and administrative detention orders. Lawyer Sevinchan appealed both decisions, but the appeals have yet to be finalized.

Concerns about Sona's well-being were shared by her sister, Mona Y., residing in Azerbaijan. Mona shared with Artı Gerçek, "She was attacked because she is Azerbaijani. Her son is about to complete high school. She plans to return when her son finishes high school, but if they send her back now, her son's education will be abruptly disrupted."