Federation of Alevi Foundations expels the cemevi visited by Erdogan

Federation of Alevi Foundations expels the cemevi visited by Erdogan
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Baki Dogan, President of the Federation of Alevi Foundations, said that Erdogan's visit witnessed scenes that were incompatible with the Alevi faith.
As the controversy over President Tayyip Erdogan's visit to the Huseyin Gazi Cemevi in Ankara continues, it is declared that the cemevi is in the process of being expelled from the Federation of Alevi Foundations.

In a statement published on social media, the Federation of Alevi Foundations stressed that although they, as the Federation of Alevi Foundations, consider Erdogan's visit socially cohesive, they were not informed about the visit.

The statement noted that the Huseyin Gazi Culture and Art Foundation has remained silent on the blatant abuse of the Alevi faith and rituals related to the month of "Muharram" and "Matem" (mourning) during the visit, and stated that the exclusion procedure has been initiated against the foundation:

"We condemn the board of directors of the Huseyin Gazi Culture and Art Foundation, which has remained silent about the blatant abuse of ‘Muharrem/Matem’ and our belief rituals, which are among the most sacred values of the Alevi-Bektashi community, which have been developed by the Alevi-Bektashi community for centuries and which have reached our days despite the persecution and oppression they have suffered, and we share with the entire public that we have initiated an expulsion procedure against the Huseyin Gazi Culture and Art Foundation in accordance with the decision made by the Board of Directors of our Federation."


Haydar Baki Dogan, chairman of the Federation of Alevi Foundations, noted in an interview with +GercekNews that there were scenes incompatible with Alevi faith and culture. "During the visit, scenes were witnessed such as the photos of Hz. Ali, Haci Bektashi Veli and Ataturk being removed from the cemevi hall and hung on a side wall, and the breaking of the fast in the cemevi hall, even though there was a dining room there." Dogan stated that it was not correct to receive President Erdogan without informing them and went on to say:

"President Erdogan visited a cemevi for the first time in 20 years. In this sense, the Huseyin Gazi Foundation has deprived us of the opportunity to convey our demands."

Explaining that they have had no contact with the administration of the Huseyin Gazi Foundation, Dogan said, "There is no need for talks, it is obvious what they have done." Dogan added that they consider President Erdogan's visit meaningful, "At a time when attacks on Alevis are increasing, such a visit is exactly one of the tasks of the president of the republic. An inclusive visit that sends a message of cohesion to society is meaningful in this sense. However, the accommodation did not conform to the Alevi faith and culture. The head of cemevi and his administration are responsible for this. Since this administration also belongs to our organization and we no longer want to be partners with them, we have severed all relations with this foundation and have initiated expulsion proceedings."