Meral Danis Bestas: "Our guiding principle is to nominate candidates, but there is no final decision"

Meral Danis Bestas: "Our guiding principle is to nominate candidates, but there is no final decision"
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Green Left Party Group Deputy Chair Meral Danis Bestas answered our questions about the upcoming local elections and the agenda. Bestas said they favor running a candidate, in principle, but there is no decision.

By Seda Taskin

The Greens and the Left Future Party (Green Left Party), which is going through a restructuring process after the elections, met with provincial and district administrations this week and will organize large public meetings and workshops next week. The party plans to hold a grand congress in the first week of September, and all eyes are on whether to field a candidate in the local elections.

Meral Danis Bestas discussed current developments and the local elections with Arti Gercek. Bestas said they favor running candidates, in principle, but there has been no final decision.


HDP and the Green Left Party entered a process of self-criticism after the elections and said there would be a renewal. What should we understand about this renewal?

The co-chairs and party members made many statements after the elections. We cannot say that we were successful in the polls, but we can say that we were not defeated. We talked about the reasons that stemmed from us with the administration and our committees, and we wanted to present them up for a wide discussion. We are bringing together people's thoughts, ideas, and issues. We have defined ourselves as a people's movement. The discourse and recommendations of the people are critical to us.

We have entered a renewal process. We have not and will not waste time with internal debates. Each of our meetings resulted in productive outcomes. Last week, we held meetings with our provincial and district administrations. We will have large public seminars and workshops in the coming week. We will carry the results to the big conference. The big conference is planned for the first week of September. We entered parliament with 61 deputies. We were unsuccessful, but we did not lose.

There is also talk of a merger between the Green Left Party and the People's Democratic Party (HDP) at the congress. Is this a proposal?

Restructuring and change cover everything, but there is no decision on the merger. The process continues. Congress commissions have been formed, and if the Congress commission proposes, it will be evaluated.


There are local elections in March. Pervin Buldan said that the Green Left Party will field its own candidates in the local elections. Will the party form an alliance in the local elections? How will you proceed?

We have a congressional process ahead of us; renewal and preparing for stronger politics are priorities. There has been no decision taken by the boards regarding the local elections. Our Co-chair, Pervin Buldan, said that, in principle, each party will run its candidate in the local elections. There is a process ahead of us, depending on the decisions of the newly elected party assembly and central executive committee. We can say what we think, but I can’t make a definitive, binding statement right now. But in principle, of course, our party will enter the local elections with its candidate like every party. This is the rule, but I may not say whether or not there will be alliances or whether exceptions will be made. There is a congress ahead of us, and we need to wait for the congress. I can’t say anything that the newly elected administration has not already decided.

The party talks about taking back the municipalities where trustees have been appointed. The public is frustrated and worried that trustees will be appointed again. Have you identified a backup plan?

All these are on our agenda, and we are discussing them. We reject the idea of not entering the elections or the people not voting because of the potential of trustees being appointed. The appointment of a trustee is a matter of usurpation. After all, your will does not change just because it has been usurped. The will is based on a strong history of struggle, a belief, and principles. We differ from other parties in this respect. We see municipalities, mayorships, or local governance not as instruments of power, but as a way to integrate with the people and meet their demands. People have protected their will, identity and culture up to this point.


You said that we were holding meetings with the local communities. Are the people demanding that you run your candidate in the local elections?

There is a palpable excitement, enthusiasm, and determination among the people for the local elections. I see this strongly in the field. I see a significant decision to come out of these elections strong.

Will your self-criticism process improve the political effectiveness of your parliamentarians? What will we see differently from the previous period?

The evaluation process for these issues is ongoing. Our basic policy has never been focused solely on the struggle in parliament. For us, parliament is the arena of labor, but it is also vital to be with the people. We will carry out all these together. We will be everywhere.