The echoes of Kobanê: A mother’s plea for justice

The echoes of Kobanê: A mother’s plea for justice
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Mazlum Icli's incarceration: Unraveling the threads of justice amidst the shadows of the 2014 protests.

By Rojhat Abi

As the memories of the tumultuous Kobanê events of 2014 linger, echoing the cries and unrest that marked those dark days, the account of Mazlum İçli, incarcerated since the age of 14, surfaces as a haunting narrative amidst the quest for justice.

The unfolding of the Kobanê Protests

In the September-October terrain of 2014, Turkey was engulfed in the fiery winds of protest, known as the Kobanê events. Originating from the escalated attacks by ISIS on Kobanê, the upheaval swiftly spread across numerous cities. Diyarbakır bore witness as the epicenter, encased in the stern embrace of declared curfews.

A report by the Human Rights Association (IHD) unveils that between October 7-12, 2014, 46 lives were claimed, 682 individuals were injured, and 323 arrests were made. Many of those killed were HDP members, yet no perpetrator was prosecuted.

The case of Mazlum Icli

Amidst the chaos, a 14-year-old boy, Mazlum Icli, was entangled in the convoluted web of justice. Accused and held responsible for the death of Riyat Guneş during the protests, İcli has spent nine years behind bars despite being 140 kilometers away at a wedding.

Conclusive video footage and testimonies confirming his absence from the scene were disregarded. Icli, now 23, is serving a 124-year sentence upheld by the Court of Cassation on August 16.

A mother’s journey

In the haunting silence between the walls of Silivri Marmara L Type Prison No. 5, İcli’s mother, Aynur, endures a gruelling journey from Diyarbakır to Silivri to embrace her son. The physical and emotional toll weighs heavily as the prison’s distant location turns every visit into an ordeal.

The journey, marked by thousands of kilometers and days of travel, unveils a mother’s unwavering love yet exposes the harrowing reality of a justice system that, in her eyes, has failed.