Turkey-Greece FM meeting paves the way for potential resumption of Cyprus Talks

Turkey-Greece FM meeting paves the way for potential resumption of Cyprus Talks
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Cyprus President seeks a meeting with the UN Secretary and Turkish Cypriot leader.

By Nikolaos Stelgias

The recent meeting between Turkey and Greece's foreign ministers in Ankara paved the way for the potential resumption of Cyprus talks. Following the meeting, Athens conveyed to Nicosia the possibility of reigniting the negotiation process.

These talks were suspended in July 2017 due to disagreements on crucial elements concerning the final resolution of the Cyprus issue.

Addressing the potential for renewed negotiations, the President of Cyprus made a significant announcement on Thursday.

As covered by the Cyprus News Agency, President Nikos Christodoulides disclosed that the Greek Foreign Minister briefed him regarding the Ankara meeting. He affirmed that the meeting had opened up "the prospect for the resumption of talks."

Expanding on his statement, the President of Cyprus mentioned, "However, you understand that everything will be assessed based on the actual facts."

He highlighted that a discussion with the UN Secretary-General is scheduled for Friday when he visits New York on September 22. Furthermore, on Wednesday, he penned a letter to the Secretary-General "requesting a concurrent meeting with the Turkish Cypriot leader."

"This intention was also communicated through our Permanent Delegation and during my recent encounter with the UN Assistant Secretary-General. I am hopeful for a positive reply," he added.

When queried if his letter to the Secretary-General was solely about scheduling a meeting, the President responded, "My emphasis was on the meeting's agenda and, naturally, on the Secretary-General heeding the Security Council's request to appoint a special envoy to assess the feasibility of renewed talks."

* Photo source: UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus