63 days of searching for their son under the earthquake rubble

63 days of searching for their son under the earthquake rubble
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63 days have passed, but Ali Topcu, who remains trapped under the rubble of his home in the Defne district of Hatay, still has not been found. His family, who gave DNA samples, are searching for their child by distributing his photo on the streets.

After the earthquakes centered in Maras, 11 provinces were affected and more than 50,000 casualties were reported, while many people are still missing. Arti Gercek reports that among the number who could not be reached after the earthquake is 26-year-old Ali Topcu, who resides in the Armutlu neighborhood in the Defne district. Despite all their efforts, Topcu's family said they have not heard from their son for 63 days.

Topcu's mother, Gulten Topcu, stated that her son had been alone in their house in Defne and even though the rubble of the house was cleared after the earthquake, they still haven't heard from their son.

Despite giving DNA and blood samples, and submitting applications with the police department and courthouse, Topcu's mother expressed that she has been unable to get any news about her child. She added, "My child hasn't been found. We have applied everywhere, but there is no news. Nobody is helping us. I pray day and night for my child to be found."

"Let him be found dead or alive"

Mother Topcu, who wants her son to be found whether he is dead or alive, also stated that she had checked the cemetery where unidentified bodies had been buried, saying "I gave a DNA test. I went to police stations, and courthouses, and applied everywhere necessary. We have not been able to reach my son since the first day of the disaster."