A report from the devastated city of Besni

A report from the devastated city of Besni
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Most of the people in the earthquake-struck city of Besni are left on their own without supplies, shelter, electricity and internet, although there are reportedly some AFAD rescue teams working at the city center.

The survivors of the earthquake in Turkey's southeastern city of Besni are without supplies, shelter, electricity and internet, and many are still waiting for rescue teams to arrive, Medyascope's Aysegul Karagoz and Ali Macit said in their report from the city on Tuesday.

Many people are trying to survive by the fire they built in the street, and one may spot lifeless bodies under the rubble, they said.

While the survivors carry on with limited rescue operations by their own means, the rescue teams of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) are yet to arrive for support in most neighborhoods.

One of the survivors told Medyascope:

"AFAD teams couldn't make it in time to Besni. Folks are trying to achieve something with hammers, but they can't. The authorities should urgently bring in some support."

Another survivor, who said that he has been injured while he was trying to help rescuers, stressed that the government should allocate an expert team for search and rescue in Besni, adding:

"People are hungry and they're out in the cold. There is neither food nor tents. People are afraid to go back to their houses."

Somebody else said:

"We've voted for them in the elections, but there are still no one around."

When he was asked to speak before the camera, he replied saying, "You will not have it broadcast anyway. I don't trust anybody anymore."

Another survivor said:

"There was somebody alive on the third floor of a building till late last night, but he froze to death. We had actually heard voices of three people. There is none now. People are perishing not from the earthquake, but from the cold."

The reporters noted, however, that they did spot some AFAD teams as they approached the city center, and actually witnessed people being saved.

Photo credit: Medyascope