"AFAD response is nothing but window dressing"

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In Elbistan district of Maras province, the epicenter of the second 7.6-magnitude earthquake, many people are still lying under the rubble after two days. People in Elbistan condemned the government's work in the city, calling it "flattery for ministers"

By Seda Taskin

The relief goods coming to Elbistan are welcome, but people in the city have to save their relatives under the ruble, said people who spoke to arti gercek.

Kursat Ozsoy, who asked for help in rescuing his uncle and cousins, said there were cranes but no workers to operate them.

"No one is sending help. Our state is strong, but it is not responding right now. People need to be rescued from the rubble, not relief supplies," he said.

Ozsoy said he saw some AFAD staff the day before, but no one came to help on Wednesday.

"It's like they are faking it. Most of these works are nothing but flattery for bureaucrats and ministers. They all came here for the show," he said.