Delegation of the election board to visit the earthquake area

Delegation of the election board to visit the earthquake area
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The Supreme Election Board will prepare a report to determine how to secure ballot boxes in the earthquake area and where voters in the region who have moved to another area will cast their votes

A delegation from the Supreme Election Board of Turkey (YSK) will visit the earthquake zone to prepare a report on the state of the voters and the security of elections in 11 provinces, Turkey’s state TV TRT Haber reported.

The report of the delegation will be debated in the election board to pave the way for voting in the earthquake-hit regions and for the quake survivors who have been displaced in the aftermath of the disaster.

After the YSK officials' visit to the region, it will become clear where the residents of the earthquake zone will cast their votes in the elections.

TRT Haber said that voting in tent camps or in containers for ballot boxes was up for debate. Combining close ballot boxes in areas where voting is not possible is also among the options.

In addition, earthquake victims would be able to vote in the provinces they moved to after the earthquake, but the number of deputies in 11 provinces will not change.

The YSK will amend legislation to meet changing needs during the election process and update the electoral roll.

TRT said that AFAD staff and earthquake volunteers will also be able to vote in the earthquake zone.