Demirtas: “Holding those responsible is important because…”

Demirtas: “Holding those responsible is important because…”
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Former Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas posted a series of tweets in which he explained why it was important to hold those responsible for the earthquake.

Imprisoned Kurdish leader Selahattin Demirtas stressed in a series of tweets Friday the importance of holding those responsible for the earthquake accountable as the death toll from the largest disaster in Turkey's history exceeded 38,000.

"If those who caused so much destruction and pain do not pay the price, the survivors of the earthquake will not be able to overcome their trauma so easily," he said, adding a video of a woman who lost her parents protesting the government's inadequate response after the earthquake.

Demirtas also said, "If justice is not served, none of us will ever feel like living in safe houses again. We will continue to feel anxious all the time."

He added:

"We have been deceived, we have been fooled. While those who collect our money under the guise of taxes have become rich, we the people have died, we have been left without a home or a future. There must be a price for this, so that no one will dare to do such a thing again."

He concluded:

"If the sense of justice is lost, we cannot live together as a society and in peace. For all these reasons, we will definitely do justice and hold them accountable while strengthening solidarity."