"Do not take me to a private hospital. I cannot afford it"

"Do not take me to a private hospital. I cannot afford it"
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Emine Dogu, an earthquake survivor rescued from the rubble after 138 hours asked the ambulance not to take her to a private hospital. “I can not afford it," she said.

A survivor of the earthquake in the southern Turkish city of Antakya asked not to be taken to a private hospital while being transported in an ambulance after spending 138 hours under the rubble.

51-year-old Emine Dogu was freed from the wreckage on Monday and taken to the city hospital in an ambulance, she said:

"Please, do not take me to a private hospital. I can not afford it."

She was later taken to a makeshift hospital that had been set up in the city after the earthquake.

Some 176 hours after the first earthquake, a woman named Serap Donmez was rescued alive from a collapsed apartment block in Antakya on Monday by search and rescue teams from Turkey and Oman.

In Kahramanmaras, other teams are still digging to reach a grandmother, a mother and a daughter from a single family.

They said they made contact with the family trapped in a room in a three-story building, with a fourth person possibly in another room, and tried to break through a wall to get to the survivors, but a column stopped them.