Epicenter of recent 6.4 M quake hit again by 5 M

Epicenter of recent 6.4 M quake hit again by 5 M
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The district mayor who cried out in protest and lambasted state agencies for not delivering enough tents has been targeted by government media who denounced his protests as "dirty perception manipulation."

Turkey's southern border province of Hatay was struck on Thursday by a Magnitude 5 earthquake, three days after a 6.4 M quake hit the same area, following a catastrophe caused by twin quakes on 6 February.

The Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) announced that the epicenter of the latest quake was Hatay's district of Defne, which was also the epicenter of the quake on 20 February.

Defne Mayor Ibrahim Guzel cried out in protest in a live broadcast after the quake.

"Will you still not hear! By God, we've had enough. You haven't been able to even send a tent!" he said in protest against state authorities. "Whoever holds the responsibility, let that person take my words as an offense. And throw me to Silivri [prison]. Had enough."

"Defne Belediye Baskani" (Defne Mayor) has become one of the hottest hashtags in Twitter in Turkey after the mayor appeared in the broadcast, with some users expressing sympathy for him while some dismissing his protests as disinformation and lies.

Government media ahaber defined Guzel's protest as a "dirty perception manipulation," saying:

"Opposition figures who earlier cried out that there is 'no state presence' at disaster sites are now engaged in provocations, claiming 'there are not enough tents.' Defne Mayor Ibrahim Guzel claimed on Halk TV, a media outlet financially supported by his party CHP [main opposition Republican People's Party], that not a single tent has been delivered to the area, and said, 'Enough now, throw me to Silivri.'"