“Erdogan is the first link of the chain of responsibility of the destruction”

“Erdogan is the first link of the chain of responsibility of the destruction”
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Sancar said the AKP government and the state institutions ruled by AKP have also collapsed like rotten buildings

Pro-Kurdish HDP’s co-Chair Mithat Sancar pointed out President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the first link of the responsibility chain for the destruction Turkey’s southeast faced by the earthquakes.

Criticizing the presidential government system that has granted vast executive powers to Erdogan, "With this system, all the institutions of the state have been freed from being responsible to the public and have made them accountable to the president. Therefore, in this destruction, the head and the first link of the chain of responsibility is the president himself," Sancar said.

"The government that did not take the necessary precautions before the earthquake and the state institutions that the government has ruled with incompetence have collapsed like rotten buildings. But they collapsed on our people. We have to hold all accountable for what had happened,” he said during an address to HDP lawmakers in the parliament on Tuesday.

“From the very first moment of the earthquake, we saw a state administration that could not organize, could not coordinate, could not take initiative, could not even move a crane without the instruction of a Single Man,” Sancar said.

HDP leader Sancar listed the reasons for the earthquake turning into a disaster as “Profiteering, plundering, lying, imprudence, lack of control, lack of foresight, lack of organization, lack of coordination, rottenness, ruthlessness and unscrupulousness.”