Greece sends additional 110 tons of aid to Turkey

Greece sends additional 110 tons of aid to Turkey
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11 containers carrying humanitarian aid have left the port of Patra on Tuesday

Neighboring Greece has sent an additional package of humanitarian aid to Turkey’s earthquake survivors.

A total of 110 tons of humanitarian aid material consisting of 11 containers have left Patra Port for Turkey on Tuesday, Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Andreas Katsaniotis announced via Twitter.

Tons of humanitarian aid materials collected by the Greek people under the leadership of the Union of Municipalities in the country had been previously sent to Turkey with the coordination of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

While some of the supplies were sent to Turkey by sea from the ports of Piraeus, Patra and Lesbos, around 120 tons of humanitarian aid was sent from Thessaloniki by land on Saturday, Diken said.

The Greek Red Cross had also sent three trucks loaded with 40 tons of humanitarian aid from Athens to Turkey by land.